Are We Making Things Worse?


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So, look, I never want to complain about the situation I am in, because it is so so wonderful. But having a platform means that I never really know how much I should be using it to affect change, or what the most effective strategies for that would be. If I did a third of the things I had ideas for, it would be too much, and yet I am always left feeling like I’m not doing enough.

And, let’s be honest, I don’t know the best path forward…I’m a video blogger. But I do want to act for the things that I believe in.

And I also want to do my best to do that without attacking the people who disagree with me. I know that’s a little controversial in these days of Nazi punching, but it’s way too easy to imagine that every person who likes Donald Trump is the same as Milo and Richard Spencer and they’re just not.

Some of them are terrible, absolutely, but 50% of Americans still approve of the job he’s doing and I’m not ready to write off those people. And I think treating them like a monolithic block of racist scumbags does a lot more harm than good.

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