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Welcome to the livestream, hope you enjoy your stay!

– If you wish to support the stream you can do so at this link:

– Rules
No hate towards anyone in the chat
No excessive / sexual roleplaying
No racism
No sexism
No spamming
No self-promotion

– Top Donators (thank you to everyone who donates & sorry if i miss a donation, i’m not always here but i will thank you once i see you in chat)
Indestructoyed – $100
0littlearsonist0 – $75
Terrence – $50
Kusshi – $50
Kess x – $40
Madison – $35
Chrizzy – $30
Charles – $30
m – $30
MGDConsumer – $20
Jeseper – $20

– Tracklist

– If the stream ever goes down, don’t worry it will always come back eventually, just under a new URL

– If any photographer that has an image used on the livestream has a problem with the use of their image on the livestream please let me know with a message through my facebook page I am currently trying to build a list of the images used to credit all the photographers

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