The meaning of HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US – A look at the “art” and memes of Shia LaBeouf

What is he will not divide us? What is the just do it meme? This video explains the meaning and origin of the memes and art associated with actor Shia Labeouf(shia labouf shia labuff)

Shia labeouf is known to many as an actor but he has also become a meme a few times in the last few years, in particular the just do it motivational green screen speech that people love to use within video edits. But in recent years he has been gaining notoriety more so for his performance art that is sometimes outlandish and bends the definition of art. They more so seem to be stunts to get attention. The most recent of which is the “he will not divide us” peaceful protest taking place in new york. The protest is a 24 hour livestream broadcast online for all to see for the next 4 years that Donald Trump will potentially be President Of The United States. Everybody has the right to protest and speak out against what they feel is wrong but something like this accomplishes nothing aside from get attention for the actor turned artist.



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